Is Now Live! Second Broadcast Today At 6:00PM PST

I am excited to announce that is now live – that’s right – my own television channel! With broadcast media its all about consistency and I’m working on a schedule now for regular shows. To start with they will be every couple of days until I get the format and timing just right.

So now is where I want to hear from you! Who would you like to see as a guest on my show. Since I’m streaming this TV live over the Internet I can get guests from all over the world. Also let me know what format you think would be best for the show – here’s my plan for tonight’s show: – Thursday, 6:00PM PST

– Daily News Recap

– Main Topic: Where to sell your domains

– Domaining Development Lightning Round – you give me a domain and I’ll tell you on the spot if it was a good investment or not!

– Viewer Calls – you call me live on the show!

– Special Offer – at the end of my shows I’ll offer discounts on Domaining-related services

So tune-in tonight if you can, and if you miss it – don’t worry, I’m recording all the madness this time so anyone can watch pre-recorded events. However nothing beats being here live!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton