Morgan & Daina’s England/Ireland Adventure – Day One

First let me say, “Hello from Manchester!” we had a great voyage to England and the adventure is just beginning! Since we live in California our trip was broken-into two parts, a flight to Philadelphia and from there a flight direct to Manchester.

The first flight went by very quickly, the second went by a bit slower as Daina and I struggled to sleep in the world smallest most uncomfortable seats! Thanks US Air 🙂

However, sleep or no sleep we made it to Manchester! Below is a video I took when we first arrived:

After landing we headed to the train station to see where we would end-up tonight. We decided that rather than plan the first night ofthetrip – why not just let the adventure take us!

So we came-up with three options:

  1. Take the train to Hollyhead and then the Ferry to Dublin
  2. Take the train to Hollyhead and then the Ferry to The Isle of Mann
  3. Stay in Manchester, rest-up, and paint the town red tonight!

So want to know what happened? Just watch the video below:

So that made it easy! No more room on the Ferry to Dublin and the Isle of Mann would require a HUGE amount of additional travel going back and forth to the UK to get to Ireland.

We took the train from the airport to downtown and immediately began adventuring and searching for a hotel. For those who don’t know, Manchester is rated as one of the top party cities in the world – it’s beats out both Vegas and NYC in Virgin’s top ten party cities!

But first things first – get our hotel, take a nap, and then paint the town red! However I coulnd’t leave you hanging – you want to see Manchester right? Just watch the video below and you’ll feel like you’re right here with us!

We just woke-up from a 3-hour nap, finally feeling rested again! Off into downtown Manchester for our next adventure! Stay-tuned – you are all coming with us on the adventure!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton