MonthlyDN Launches! New service for Domainers to Buy and Sell Premium Domains

November 1st marks the launch of MonthlyDN – a fresh look at buying and selling premium domain names aimed at eliminating fraud and adding a personal touch to the domain sale process.

MonthlyDN will feature one domain a month for sale through their website located at Unlike most services where the buyer and seller communicate via email throughout the transaction, MonthlyDN arranges conference calls with all interested buyers allowing the seller to negotiate directly with their bidders.

By focusing on one domain each month, MonthlyDN can provide a great deal of focus on a single domain name. MonthlyDN hopes to attract some of the best premium domains from sellers that want more attention to detail and a personalized approach to the domain sale process.

"We hope to add a voice and a friendly face to the world of domain sales," says founder Morgan Linton, owner of Linton Investments LLC. "By selling only one domain each month we have the time to devote to our sellers that most services could never offer."

For domain sales exceeding $50,000 MonthlyDN arranges an in-person meeting complete with document and identity verification services to guantee that both the buyer and seller are protected during the transaction.

"If you look at a standard domain listing service there is very little being done to protect either party in a transaction. For expensive domain names this is a real problem," says Linton. "It is time to treat premium domain sales as you would any piece of expensive property."

MonthlyDN hopes to add a valuable service to the domaining community and help premium domain owners connect with safe, reliable, and serious domain investors.

The first domain listed for sale through the new service is – the listing can be found on Let's end 2009 with a bang and get the new year off to a fresh start with MonthlyDN!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton