.me Getting Closer to Primetime

DNXPERT posted today about picking the registrar to manage .me domains. Needless to say this ccTLD is getting closer and closer to becoming a reality and open the flood-gates for any word you can think of ending in "me".

See the post on DNXPERT Here.

I posted the question to DNXPERT of what his thoughts were for the potential of this TLD outside of the catchy words that end in .me. Would be interested to hear some opinions on this as it feels like a new ccTLD is coming-out every day. They can’t all be the sleeper TLD of the century, so which one’s do you think will be good investments?

I personally have my bets on the continued dominance of .com and the growing value of .mobi with some potential for good one-world ccTLD’s where the TLD completes the word.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton