Looking Forward To Speaking At LeadsCon Next Week

LeadsCon is the go-to conference for lead generation and this year they have added domain names to the mix. Affiliate marketers, lead generation companies, and just about any other online business lives and dies by traffic. However more and more people are looking for traffic sources outside of Google and domains are starting to be seen as a new untapped traffic source.

Of course for anyone who has been in this business for a while you know all about domains and direct navigation traffic, but most people in the world never think about it. In fact, most people don’t know what direct navigation traffic is. Most of my friends just assume that everyone searches on Google, yet as we all know as domain investors, there are still plenty of using the good old URL bar and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

My good friend Braden Pollock has been going to LeadsCon for years and recommended they add Domains to the discussion so 2013 will mark the first year they have been part of the program. Braden has been one of my main mentors in the domain investing and business world and is a lead generation pro himself. Along with building a very successful legal lead generation business, Braden has built a number of other successful businesses, suffice it to say, he knows his stuff.

A conference like LeadsCon is ripe for an information exchange with the domain community. I know tons of domain investors who want to move from PPC to lead generation but don’t know how to start. On the other side you have people in the lead generation space that can bring in significantly higher returns than PPC but want more traffic.

A match made in heaven? I think so. This is why I am so excited and honored to be speaking at LeadsCon in Vegas next week. Along with speaking at the show you can bet I’ll be soaking up lots of great information about lead generation and sharing this with all of you.

If any of my readers live in Vegas or are attending LeadsCon feel free to shoot me an email. Right now I’m looking at potentially getting some Vegas Domainers together on Tuesday night and if you are in town you’re welcome to join for a drink. You can save $350 on tickets if you get them tonight before midnight so if you’re thinking of going to LeadsCon, stop thinking and buy a ticket now, then you can put the $350 you save towards having a blast in Vegas!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton