Looking Forward To My first Startup Conference!

I was reading AVC (one of my favorite blogs) and read a very interesting post about a conference called Startup Lessons Learned taking place in San Francisco this coming Monday. The focus of the conference is startup companies and the lessons learned in building a lean startup. With so many exciting things going on in the startup space I thought this would be a really fun conference to attend and learn from.


Over the past couple years I’ve been attending some excellent Domaining and Affiliate Conferences but have been interested in getting involved with startup and VC-related conferences as this is also a major interest of mine. I am really excited about this conference, it has a great mix of people from Roy Bahat, the President of IGN Entertainment to Suneel Gupta, a VP from Groupon. One thing these guys all share in common is a great understanding of the startup world as many have either founded or been a part of wildly successful startups.

Along with attending the conference, networking with all the great people there, and hopefully learning a lot of things I didn’t know about successfully launching and running a startup, I will of course be blogging! That’s right, I’m taking all of you with me and can’t wait to share some of the interesting things I’m learning and what the current buzz is in the startup world.

This won’t be the only startup conference I attend but you always have one first. I am proud that TRAFFIC was my first Domaining conference, Affiliate Convention my first Affiliate Conference, and now Startup Lessons Learned is my first startup conference. Stay-tuned, this is just the beginning!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton