Look, No Coding – Building Websites With Easel.io


WordPress is easy, but it still involves some setup. There are solutions like Wix, but they tend to look like they were made from a template. Enter a new Y Combinator funded startup Easel.io that let’s you build a website without writing a line of code, setting up a hosting account or installing a platform like WordPress.

Easel is looking to innovate in the very crowded, yet highly lucrative world of web development for the less technically inclined. While CMS platforms like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla have made life easier for new web developers there’s still a learning curve that keeps many people far away from building their home in the digital world.

Y Combinator has become famous for creating great companies by providing a bit of seed funding and more importantly incredible mentorship. A startup like this needs to get out there and see if people want to use what they’ve built, if so, then there’s a chance to raise more funding and take the product to the next level. Based on what I’ve seen this looks like an excellent tool, and one that many Domain Developers might like to play around with.

Of course as a new company they are always looking for feedback so as an early user you have a chance to recommend cool features you would love, and possibly see those available in the next rev of the product. With big companies your product feedback could take years to implement, startups like Easel can move much quicker and implement seemingly complex features in a fraction of the time.

So check it out, if you’ve avoided platforms like WordPress because you just don’t think you’ve got the chops for it, Easel could be just what your looking for. If it’s not, like any good startup, it could become what you want, you just have to let them know!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton