LiquidWeb Makes Million Dollar Investment In DDOS Protection

From, to DomainGang to Domainsville and beyond DDOS attacks are become increasingly common. In many cases there is nothing that the website owner can do but sit and wait it out while they miss-out on valuable traffic and revenue. It’s an incredibly helpless feeling and as someone that’s been there before, in fact several times, I can tell you it just plain sucks.

I was excited to see an announcement from Liquid Web that they had made a $1 Million investment into an advanced DDOS Protection System. This is one of the first hosting companies I’ve heard of making a major step towards increasing their defensive lines against these attacks. Here’s a graphical representation of how the system works:

DDOS Protection

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The basic idea is that this incredibly expensive piece of equipment actually filters out the malicious traffic, only allowing real, legitimate visitors to make it through. Of course most hosting providers don’t have this yet since the thing costs a million dollars. Still, I wonder how much money people lose each year to DDOS attacks. Kaspersky Labs has been analyzing the data and found that in 2011 DDOS attacks are getting stronger.

Right now I am not a Liquid Web customer, but a move like this has made me think it might be time to give them a try. I would be very interested to know if any of my readers have used them before and how they like them as a hosting provider, preferably their Dedicated Servers which is what I would be looking at. With over 200 active websites hosting is a major expense for me and a critical piece of my business infrastructure.

If it sounds like a lot of people are a fan I’ll be signing-up and of course reporting my experiences with all of you.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton