Linton Investments Begins Development of Kayaking(dot)org

We have begun work immediately on Kayaking(dot)org. This is a great example of a typical flip for us – a strong, valuable keyword domain that we can build a compelling, interactive website with multiple forms of monetization.

Today we created the initial look-and-feel for the site. This began with a bit of time on iStockPhoto picking-out the right image to set the tone for the site. We created a custom css style for the site and added a nice RSS feed to provide updated Kayaking news.

More to come – our goal is to have this flip finished by July 23rd. I’ll do my best to update everyone on not only what we have built, but why we build sites the way we do. As I have said many times before – there are many definitions of domain flipping. Our definition involves careful market research and the creation of a high-quality interactive destination. We think we can do this in just about 20-days – unlike house flipping the same time constraints do not apply. If we took six-months to build this site I am confident we would still see over 10x return on our initial investment.

You can see this site throughout its development here.

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton