Lessons Learned – Ordering a Pepperoni Pizza in Italy

Well, less than 24-hours into our trip to Milan and I’ve learned a valuable lesson – ordering a pepperoni pizza in Italy will not yield the same results it will in America. Like most things in life, we learned this one the hard way.

Last night we went out to dinner in an area of Milan called “The Navigli” one of Milan’s most lively areas with beautiful canals lined with restaurants and bars. It looks like…this:


It was here that we had our first pasta in Italy (which was amazing) and also, later in the night, tried our first pepperoni pizza, which was, well, not what we were expecting. Here’s what pepperoni (spelled peperoni in Italian) pizza looks like if you order it in Italy:


Not what you expected? We were just as surprised. It turns out that the word “peperoni” means bell pepper in Italian. The American classic (that I had always assumed was an Italian classic!) that we call Pepperoni Pizza is called Salami Pizza.

Lesson learned, and more to come!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton