Lead Generation Here I Come!

I currently monetize my sites using affiliate programs like ClickBank, Commission Junction, Amazon, Azoogle Ads and Google Adsense. In 2009 I began my big shift away from PPC and into affiliate products and the results have been fantastic! However I always want to get as much money as I can back from my investments so I’m always looking for even better revenue-generating opportunities for my sites.

Dominate the market with the best b2b lead generation to connect with decision makers in your industry.

Lead Generation, for those who don’t know, is a very simple concept – you provide a sales/client lead to a business and in return they pay you a flat fee for the lead. Just think – if you get $.25/click through your current PPC program you would need 80 clicks to make $20 – with lead generation a single form submission could bring-in $25 or more! Of course I quickly learned that Lead Generation is really only useful in several specific areas. This makes sense since high-payout leads are in niches where the company buying the lead can make a considerable about of money from each client that comes onboard.

The best niches for lead generation are in the credit/debt, law, and insurance along with some diet/fitness-related topics. I was inspired to get more involved in Lead Generation after speaking with a successful Domainer at our last Southern California Domainer Meet Up who built-up a very nice lead generation business for himself. I thought – well right now I use affiliate ads and PPC to make money for my sites – why not add in that third layer! I have contact forms on most of my sites and they get plenty of submission every week…what if those submissions could be instantly converted to revenue?

I picked LeadPile as the first company I would begin generating leads for after some good recommendations. The interface could not be easier – they actually generate the HTML code for the form – all you have to do is copy and paste and viola! you have just added another layer of monetization to your site! Below is a screenshot of the interface for selecting which market niche your form will be collecting leads for. This also gives you a good idea of really what category or target market your site should be.

I can either select to have my user fill-out a form on my own site which is then submitted directly to Lead Pile OR I can use a banner ad that will take the visitor to a website with a form where the information will be collected. Personally I think that having the form on your own website would draw far more leads since they aren’t clicking on an advertisement and being directed to a different site. Even still I’m trying both approaches across a number of my sites.

An example of a site where I am doing some lead generation is PayOffDebt.me a credit/debt-related site I recently created. If you click on “Contact Debt Specialist” you will be taken to a page with a contact form generated using Lead Pile. I am still LEARNING when it comes to lead generation so I will continue to share my experiences and, hopefully, success along the way! At the end of the day for me it’s all about generating revenue from my domains – I’m always looking for new techniques or services I can use to improve my passive income stream…and I’m thinking Lead Generation is going to be a GREAT initiative for me in 2010!

Do you use Lead Generation to monetize your sites? Comment and share your experience!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton