Latest Flip: StimulusCheck(dot)us

So StimulusCheck(dot)info is already starting to generate some nice income – made $5 today alone which means we are pacing towards a nice $120-$150 for it’s first month!

With all of the success I’ve had with the StimulusCheck domains I decided to take a final look to see if any more StimulusCheck domains were still available. To my surprise StimulusCheck(dot)us had not yet been registered! What TLD is more applicable to StimulusChecks than a .us domain?

Today I spent about 30 minutes making a new top image and re-writing all of the text from StimulusCheck(dot)info. It is very important that when you make similar sites you change the text – otherwise Google will penalize you and not list both of your sites! It doesn’t take too long to re-write your content for a 3-5 page mini-site and having two sites indexed in Google is much better than one.

We’ll see how this domain does but I would be surprised if we don’t see the same results as my other two StimulusCheck(s) domains within the next week. I think these flips have been great examples of how important it is for domain investors to stay on top of current trends and pounce on them as soon as they can.

Like I have always said, there are a lot of parallels between the domain name market and the stock investment market. You buy a stock when you think the company, and the market that it is in is going to grow in value. If steel demand is up, steel companies will inevitably rise in value. It is absolutely essential to remember that the same is true for domain names. Find your trends, build your site, and most importantly – hop to it because sitting around waiting for the perfect domain may never happen. Diversify your investments and over time, you might just stumble upon a goldmine – I know I have!

You can see my most recent flip at: StimulusCheck(dot)us

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton