Know Your Visitors Part 2: Constantly Improve your Domain Investments

It has been a very busy week here at Linton Investments with a few new flips really starting to generate some strong revenue. This month we’ve had three main flips launch and about ten currently in progress! StimulusCheck(dot)info has already generated $35.35 in June – almost all from search engine traffic. StimulusCheck(dot)us has also seen very strong results making $10.47 in June so far. If you can remember last month StimulusChecks(dot)info made over $150 in it’s first month!

I also did the multi-post series "Anatomy of a Flip" where I walked through the creation of FitnessGames(dot)us and gave our formula for success. While this was a great flip, the trend, "Fitness Games" is still quite early and this domain has only generated $1.87 so far. Like I say in my book differt domains have different windows for success. Some flips will see strong revenue their first month – others could take several months or longer to reach their full potential.

What is most interesting to me is to look at where the traffic from each of my flips comes from. The key to making website that generate good passive income is to make sure that you know your visitor.

I thought it would be useful for new domain flippers to understand what a healthy traffic breakdown should look like. Below is a pie-chart taken out of Google Analytics to show the traffic breakdown for StimulusChecks(dot)info (which was recently sold in a private sale):


From this it is easy to see that just about 75% of the traffic coming to this domain is driven by search engines. In my book I discuss the importance of having strong organic traffic – visitors you don’t have to pay to get to your site.

When it comes to selling your domain name, having high-traffic from either search engines or direct-entry is highly valuable. This is a great example of a flip that has high-quality content and strong keywors in the name itself causing it to get excellent search engine rankings.

One of the great things about Google Analytics is that it’s eas to see what keywords are driving people to your domain.


From this we can now see what keywords are driving the most visitors. This information will help you continually improve your content to target the visitors that are coming to your domain.

In the future I plan to add a "stimulus rebate" section since I see a number of queries for stimulus rebate.

The important thing to take-away from all of this is that if you pay attention for what your visitors are searching for, then you’ll have a much better idea of what to provide for them. Making small changes to your content or the products available for purchase through your domains can go a long way. Always re-visit your flips and optimize – they may be good but they can certainly get better.

Remember, Domain Investing requires carefl research and a solid understanding of your target market. An analytics tool is essential to your success and can greatly improve your knowledge of who your visitor is and what they are looking for.

Thanks for reading and if you haven’t yet – read my book – it has many tips like this and much more to help you make a strong passive income stream online.

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As always – thanks for reading and happy flipping!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton