It’s official – we’re back in the Bay


As many of you know, I was born and raised in the Bay Area – Berkeley to be specific. I love the Bay but after High School I was ready for something different, which is why heading to the East Coast for college was definitely the right move. I really enjoyed my time at CMU, sure Pittsburgh wasn’t the warmest place, but I learned that I actually enjoy snow in a lot of ways…just maybe not for the rest of my life.

After Pittsburgh I moved to LA, then to Boston (yes back to the snow but Sonos was an amazing adventure and well worth the move) and then to LA. It was in LA that we started Bold Metrics and I still can’t believe we just crossed over the five-year mark. Yes – I have grey beard hairs to prove it!

Today is an exciting day because this morning we picked up our keys to a new apartment in San Francisco. We are opening up a new office here and adding two more people to the team (see job listings here) immediately to kick things off.

The view above is from our new roof deck. I’m still pinching myself. It feels great to be back in the Bay, great to be growing our company and hiring new team members here, and honestly, more than anything – it’s exciting to see our technology live with some of the biggest retailers on the planet…and some exciting new ones to come!

Okay, well it’s 10:07PM and honestly since we moved in we’ve been working non-stop and running around SF interviewing candidates. So it’s time for a glass of wine and one of our favorite shows – Frasier. If any of my readers come to SF, let me know, the first coffee/beer (but not the combination of the two – that sounds gross) is on me!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton