Is Unlimited Bandwidth Going Away? Verizon thinks so…

I heard some scary news today – it seems that Verizon has announced that they may be making some dramatic changes to their pricing policy in the future. The change would be to introduce metered bandwidth – a concept found all over the world but that the U.S. has escaped for some time now. How does this work? It’s simple – you pay for the amount of bandwidth that you use. It’s a bit like buying a cellphone plan – as a consumer you would have to guess how much bandwidth you plan to use each month and if you go over the limit…you pay the price.

Have you ever gone-over your allotted minutes on your cellphone? We’ve all been there and the bill can sometimes be outstanding – well the same thing could happen to your broadband connection and sooner than you might think!

So what is causing this move in what would seem to be the opposite direction? With more and more people using the Internet and each for a longer period of time we are starting to produce less revenue for the cable and DSL providers. For those thinking this will just affect DSL – think again – the cable company is happy to make this change too. With streaming video services like YouTube and Hulu becoming increasingly popular by the day that valuable bandwidth is becoming commercialized.

Now the magic question – will this affect Domaining? Yes! It’s too early to understand exactly how this will change the Internet but it will definitely have a ripple affect on the Domaining world. So enjoy the bandwidth while you have it because in the future you may need to limit your Internet addiction!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton