Is now a good time to buy Ethereum?

If you’ve been following the cryptocurrency world then you know this past week has been buzzing with activity. While the hottest topic has been the future of Bitcoin, the second hottest topic has been the impact that concerns around Bitcoin’s future has had on other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum. After enjoying some time above $200 USD, Ethereum took a nose dive down to around $160 USD following a slew of scary news stories about potential challenges ahead for Bitcoin.


(Chart source – TradingView) 

Of course, with both Bitcoin and Ethereum dropping in price many cryptocurrency skeptics have been enjoying a bit of “I told you so” moments on Twitter. At the same time, on the other side of the fence, cryptocurrency experts have been telling people – keep calm and crypto on.

As many of you know, domain names is my thing not cryptocurrency so this is all new to me. That being said, I’ve been interested in Ethereum lately and am thinking this might be a good time to buy. At the same time, I’m always a bit concerned about buying something on it’s way down and it really is hard to know if this is a blip in the radar or the beginning of the end.

What do you think? Is now the time to buy Ethereum by the digital bucketload or should newbies like me sit this one out and just follow the action on Coinbase?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton