Is LinkedIn Randomly Emailing People Telling Them To Endorse Me?

As you all probably know I’m a bit of a social media nut and do use both Facebook and Twitter very actively. LinkedIn on the other hand is one of those services I’ve never really found a real use for as I was only looking for a job once in my life and that was over 8 years ago. Still I did have Sonos in there and since I left the company I decided I should probably update this on LinkedIn and add my new role as co-founder of Fashion Metric.

Now, it seems like just about every day I am getting emails from LinkedIn saying “So and so has endorsed you.” Of course I’m flattered by the endorsements but I have no idea why suddenly everyone is endorsing me.

So I assume that some of my readers have more experience with LinkedIn than I do. Does LinkedIn contact my friends and tell them to endorse me? If you have received an email from LinkedIn asking you to endorse me can you send it my way so I can see what they are sending out? It just seems a bit odd that LinkedIn would do this without first asking me but I am honored to have people endorsing me.

Thanks in advance to any of my readers who know more about this than I do, I’m definitely still a LinkedIn newbie. My concern is simply that if LinkedIn is emailing people now without me knowing, will they do it in the future, and if so how the heck do I disable this feature?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton