I’m getting a lot of domain offers likes these lately on my 4L .COMs


Lately I’ve been seeing an increase in offers on my 4L .COMs, in Q4 it felt like most of the interest was coming from China, now it seems to be split 50/50 with North America. I’ve seen the offer velocity increase (i.e. more offers coming in this month than last month) but prices decrease. Here’s an email I got today from someone interested in buying some of my 4L .COMs:

“Hi,I’m looking to buy the following domains from you. I can offer $900 each. Please let me know If It’s available.cmhs.comdrjk.commnjh.comngmt.comgdgn.comThank you”

Most of the offers I get on my 4L .COMs are in the $200 – $2,000 range but the vast majority are under $1,000. In most cases, like you and me, these are investors looking to buy at a wholesale price, and I can understand that. So I’ve been thinking, what can these offers tell us about how the market dynamics are changing over time?

I’d say about 3% of my portfolio is 4L .COMs so it’s not a category I’ve invested in much, but I do find them to get more offers than most of my other names and definitely the highest volume of offers from China (and some in all Chinese) out of any of my names. Here’s one I got yesterday:

“8483.cc你这个域名 1500要卖吗,卖的话联系  如有打扰请见谅”

I’d be interested to hear what other domain investors are seeing – has offer velocity increased on your 4L .COMs? Are you seeing offer prices go down? Do you think we can learn from how these two metrics change over time?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton