Back From Silicon Valley!

All I can say is “Wow, what a weekend!” As you may have noticed I didn’t write a single blog post this weekend which makes this one of the first weekends in years that I’ve missed a post. However, it was for a very good reason as we were competing in one of the largest startup events in the world, AngelHack. So what is AngelHack? It’s a Hackathon which means that some of the best and brightest developers get together with designers and business people to make cool things. Here’s an idea of what it’s like:

Oh and the image above is just one room, close to 1,000 people packed-into AOL Corporate Headquarters in Silicon Valley. It was an incredible experience with lots of great networking opportunities and some incredible innovations coming to life in just 24-hours.

AOL Silicon Valley

I learned a lot this weekend, one of those lessons being that getting only two hours of sleep a night three nights in a row is pretty darn exhausting. While we opted to stay in a hotel nearby, some dedicated hackers slept, well, just about anywhere they could find.

Hackers Sleeping At AngelHack

Along with some of the most talented developers on the planet, some of the top VCs and Angel Investors in the valley were there along with people from some of the nearby companies like Facebook. I have a lot more to share but now have a massive game of catch-up to play after a weekend in the grid. More to come but for now just think of me as being equally tired as the guys in the picture above…only I always opt for a bed, those weird wooden contraptions just won’t cut it!

Stay-tuned, more reflections and lessons to come!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton