How Video Is Changing The Internet

We are entering a new stage in the development of the Internet and as Curtis R. Curtis said at Affiliate Summit – “We are leaving the Google Generation and entering the You Tube Generation.” The content delivery system is changing as more people are searching for video online than ever before. So what impact does this have on the average domain investor?

As video becomes a bigger and bigger part of the online content delivery system it will become increasingly relevant for search. Right now there are many people ranking on the first page of Google just by titling their video with SEO in mind. This reminds me of the late nineties when ranking well in the search engines meant repeating a keyword a few more times than your competitor – it’s still the wild west in the online video world.

Since search is slowly but surely becoming the way in which people find things online, and 25% of Google’s search traffic comes from You Tube, it only makes sense that video will soon be a key part of any businesses SEO strategy…but one more thing needs to happen and this leads to my prediction for 2010. I’ll have to get-out the crystal ball for this one so bear with me…

Okay – here is my prediction for 2010 – Search Engines will be able to search the words SPOKEN in a video and use this data for ranking. The algorithms exist – your iPhone can do a pretty good job of understanding what you have to say…why not a search engine?

Once again this is just a prediction but if I’m right I’ll look forward to referencing this post!

So get ready because 2010 is sure to be an incredible year in the Domaining world and as video continues to take-over search it will become an essential part of your monetization process!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton