How to use Visual Analytics Data to Drive Website Optimization

It was hard to come-up with the right title for this post and in the end, although descriptive, I ended-up with a pretty dorky title. Still if you’ve made it this far the title didn’t scare you away yet! Today I have a very important topic to share and one which will directly impact anyone monetizing domain names. First let me explain what “visual analytics” data means, to me at least!

Visual analytics data means using something like a Heatmap or Overlay to view your analytics data visually, rather than a bunch of numbers. Now don’t get me wrong, I still use Google Analytics and those number are very important to me. However when it comes to website optimization you really want to understand how a user is interacting with your site, and numbers sometimes make it hard to see this.

Last week I wrote an article about heatmaps and I really felt that the topic needed even more focus. So I decided to talk about both heatmaps and overlays in the context of building v2. Of course I think the best way to show you visual analytics is visually, so I made a video to walk you through the analysis process I’ve gone through.

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton