How To Use Jelly To Get People To Try Your Product (For Free)

Biz Stone’s latest creation, Jelly, hit the market with mixed reviews. Of course there really is no way for someone like Biz to come-out with anything without having to deal with the scrutiny of the tech press and the broader-based tech community. I have liked Jelly since the moment I started using it and no only enjoy answering questions but have found a cool way to use it to get free product testing and feedback.


First let me just say that I’m not advocating that every company should use Jelly as their one and only product testing platform. Tools like are awesome and of course you should focus on using your current paying customers as your main source of feedback. That being said, asking a stranger (or strangers) for their opinion can help you find flow problems and points of confusion.

We started using Jelly to test Fashion Metric a few weeks ago and have already made two changes as a result of the feedback that have directly impacted our conversion rate. It’s not that Jelly is the holy grail of product testing, but I can tell you that if 15-20 people try your product and more than half of them tell you something is confusing, it probably is.


Here’s how you can get started testing your own product with the Jelly community:

  1. Get a good photo of your product – Jelly is all about pictures so find the best photo you can either of your product, or if you think it would make more sense, a specific product that you sell. In our case we used a photo of a button down shirt that we carry on our site folded on a wood table.
  2. Keep it short and sweet – ask a simple question like, “What do you think of our site?” or you can be more specific, “What button calls out to you the most on this page?” Just keep it short and provide something very targeted for someone to do.
  3. Post and wait – after an hour or two you should have some very valuable feedback. Rinse and repeat, you’re now using Jelly to get completely free feedback on your product.

There are of course other cool ways to get people to try your product for free. I highly recommend Growth Hacker TV which has over 100 videos about Growth Hacking and driving traffic to your site or app for free.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton