Hot off the Press from DOMAINfest Global 2011

I am excited to announce the latest breaking news from DOMAINfest Global 2011 in Santa Monica! Peter Celeste, the SVP and GM of DomainSponsor has just announced DomainSponsor’s new Precision Targeting Engine!

The idea behind the Precision Targeting Engine is to have direct advertisers bidding alongside with other upstream providers.

DomainSponsor has hired a dedicated salesforce that is already making connections with direct advertisers.

The benefits of this new system allows you to get your traffic in front of direct advertisers moving one step up the revenue chain! Advertisers win by gaining access to direct navigation traffic and maintain control with bid management tools.

Publishers will see increased value across all of their existing traffic as they connect-up with direct advertisers, ad networks, etc.

(Pardon any typos – this post was written on an iPad)

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton