Highlights from TRAFFIC Vancouver – Day Two

It’s 5:15PM (when I started writing this post) and I’m sitting in the live auction listening to Craig (the auctioneer) talking at 5000 miles/minute. Today went by quickly and now I’ve finally had a chance to sit-down and get back in front of the computer.

The day started-out with another excellent breakfast.

After breakfast I met my new camera crew on the second floor and setup for a day of interviews began!

The first panel was one of the best I’ve ever seen – but no surprises there as it featured both the Catello brothers and Victor Pitts. The topic of the first panel was – Domain Names, the future or the past.

After this seminar I was filming interviews for most of the day so didn’t get to spend much time in the other panels. However I did get to interview someone from the Water School which is an incredible charity and one that everyone should contribute to. Every time I’ve interviewed someone from the Water school I actually get goose-bumps during the interview – what they are doing is so powerful and makes such a difference.

The Water School had a one hour seminar from 12-1 covering the charity and acknowledging the industry’s contribution.

After that there was a Fireside Chat with John Demco – the creator of the .ca extension. I only had a few minutes to pop-in between interviews but it was amazing to hear John talk about domain names back in 1986. So incredible to think of how far things have come since then, and yet how far they have to go.

The day ended with the live auction (which as I said at the beginning of the post I’m sitting in right now).

In the end 18 domains sold (out of a total of 53 names/lots) with a grand total of $263,050. The top sale was Surrey.com for $195,000. (data from DNN.com) For those who are wondering – Surrey is a city in BC.

So it was a great day – I was able to somehow squeeze-in ten interviews and I’m going to try to do the same tomorrow. As usual I’ll be releasing these videos over the course of the year each week on my blog so stay-tuned.

Okay – it’s 5:45PM, the auction is over and I’m sitting here with Chef Patrick and Leona from Dot Asia. It looks like I’ll now have a one-hour break before the festivities begin tonight. What’s in store for tonight? Sorry – like I always say – I don’t blog about the parties so you’ll have to be here to experience it!

Tomorrow at 11:00AM I’ll be speaking at TRAFFIC for my first time – wish me luck!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton