Hearing Great Things About Adam Dicker’s Domain Course

Adam Dicker, a veteran Domain Investor and the owner of popular Domaining Forum DNForum.com has released a new course to help steer Domainers in the right direction. The goal of the course is to help the countless Domainers that want to improve their business or get started make the right choices and learn from some of the techniques he’s used himself.


Elliot did a great post about the course which was met with a lot of negativity and opposition. The comments grew quickly and are currently sitting at 70 with stones being thrown in numerous directions. For me, I the kind of person that doesn’t like to comment on anything until I try it myself, or at least hear from people who try it! That being said I do know Adam and also know that he owns some stellar domains, has made some great sales, and has done more than his part to contribute free information to the Domaining community.

To get a better understanding for what Adam’s course was about I called Adam on the phone. Adam explained that this really is his way of giving back and that his goal is to improve the community and help people build/grow their businesses in the space. The course is free so Adam is definitely not looking for this as a way to make money, it really does seem like an altruistic move!

Now that the course has been in action for a couple of weeks I’ve been receiving emails from some of my readers who are in the course telling me how much they are enjoying it. Heck even Veteran Domainer Jamie Zoch from DotWeekly has nothing but good things to say about the course:

“This course has taught me more about domaining  in 2 weeks than I had learnt in the previous 2 years.
I am blown away by how much money this free course has saved me, and now I have a real chance of profiting from domaining
I am delighted to recommend this course to anyone interested in making money from domain names.” (Jamie Zoch, DotWeekly)

So I’ve heard so many great things about the course that I decided to sign-up for it today. As I’ve said many times before I suck at selling domain names and while I’ve seen more traction this year my business still generates most of its revenue from the brands that we run. I like Adam, I like the idea, and like I said, I’ve been hearing great things about the course, so I’m excited to get started!

Please understand that this is not a sponsored post, I’m not being paid to write this and Adam never asked me to write a post on my blog. I approached Adam myself and after hearing the kind of feedback I’ve heard from people that I know and trust I felt it was important to write. As you all know I don’t censor my comments so you are always free to comment however you’d like. What I would like to say is that if you aren’t enrolled in the course you’re really in the same boat as me, formulating your opinion based on your own thoughts about Adam and the idea, as well as feedback from other people.

In just about every industry on the planet people are thankful to those experts in the space that take their time to help others. The Domaining industry has become a bit of an angry place where people who haven’t made any money with domains feel the need to lash-out against those that have. For those who left negative comments on Elliot’s Blog I’d ask that you take a step back and maybe give this a chance as I honestly think Adam’s course a good thing being done by someone with solid experience and a real interest in helping people.

As always this blog is as much about you as it is about me, comment and let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton