Growth Hacker Live Rocks LA This Saturday

LA is quickly becoming a hotbed for startups and with this growth comes great events for startups. One of the events that I am the most excited about is Growth Hacker Live which takes place this Saturday in Downtown Los Angeles. The event is all about acquiring new customers and scaling this growth so applies to startups and just about anyone launching an online business.


So what is Growth Hacker Live?

Growth Hacker Live is the revolutionary intimate conference dedicated to sharing the secret ways of the Growth Hacker and creating massively scalable customer acquisition to a select few.

Growth Hacker Live takes place in LA and features speakers sharing the strategies and tactics they use in the real world to get to scale.The event covers each of the core elements of Growth Hacking including Social Media, Mechanical Virals, PR, Media Buying, Business Development and Direct Marketing. The event also is the only place to find The Growth Tank where a select group of companies are chosen to be able to pitch their business to the Growth Hackers and get 20 minutes of live, raw feedback and advice on how to get scale.

Who is Growth Hacker?

Growth Hackers Live was founded by a band of Growth Hackers who wanted to share information and help people and their respective organizations grow. The founders come from a background of large social networks with 100MM users and direct marketing and thought bringing together a mix of Growth Hacking skills would be the most effective way to share and educate the world on growing to scale. At Growth Hacker Live, there are no vendor driven panels. It’s all about live, intimate interactions leading to your growth. Our goal is simple – help people scale and share best practices so we can all win.

The conference organizers have given me a coupon code that I can share with all of you to get 35%-off registration. Simply go to the EventBrite Sign-Up Page for the event and use coupon code: GFGHL

Hope to see you there!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton