Google Announcing New Music Service To Compete With Spotify and Rdio

Google Music

There is a lot of buzz going on about the Google I/O conference that is set to kick-off in less than two hours. One of the latest rumors that is very likely to be true and unveiled this morning in San Francisco is Google’s new streaming music service that will go head-to-head with streaming giants like Spotify. While sources have said for years that Apple is working on a streaming music service, big old Google beat them to the punch.

According to music industry sources Google has signed deals with Universal, Sony, and Warner which are needless to say pretty big players in the music world. Of course, Apple will have no trouble making deals, but Google is beating them out of the gate and there is certainly going to be a lot of buzz about it today.

As many of you know I’m a huge Sonos geek so all I want to know is when can I start rocking out to Google’s new music service all over my pad? Stay-tuned, I’ll be covering the announcements from Google I/O throughout the day!

Photo Credit: Max Braun via Compfight cc

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton