Google Announces Google Play Music All Access

Google Play All Access

A few minutes ago Google announced Google Play Musics All Access their foray into the music streaming world. I was crossing my fingers that they would include Pandora-like qualities into the service and they showed this feature in action. While you are listening to a song on All Access you can instantly create a radio station and like Pandora you can tune your station to your own musical tastes. Here’s a first look at what the new interface looks like:

Google All Access Demo
Google All Access Demo 2

The new service launches today and will be available from along with a 30 day trial. The regular monthly price for the service will be $9.99 however for those that sign-up early Google hinted at a $7.99 monthly fee which means those that get in early could get a good deal. The service is available on portable devices and online and I’m really hoping to see it soon on Sonos, fingers crossed!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton