Google acquires Austin-based VR Startup Owlchemy Labs

Today is an exciting day in the Austin startup world as news has rippled through town about Google’s acquisition of VR game creator Owlchemy Labs. If you don’t know Owlchemy Labs then you honestly have missed out on some of the most superbly amazing VR games like Job Simulator or Jack Lumber.

This acquisition definitely has the gears turning when it comes to Google’s path in the VR world.

It’s difficult to read too much into what this means, and Markovic points out that Google has released products purely for non-Google headsets, like Tilt Brush and Google Earth. But the acquisition does feel like it’s pointing toward something beyond the current version of Daydream. (Source – The Verge)

Huge congrats to the whole Owlchemy Labs team and great to see another win for the Austin VR scene!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton