Good Read -> Optimizing Content for Long-Tail Search

I wasn’t planning on posting about this topic but I just read an article that I felt was worth sharing with my readers. I read what feels like a million articles every day but very few make it to my blog – I’d like to do a better job of sharing some of my favorite reads with my readers 🙂

I read a number of SEO blogs and stumbled across a great article today about Optimizing your website content for long-tail search. The article details how search engine ranking algorithms differ for long-tail vs. competitive keywords – this data is essential for all the Domainers out there with a strong long-tail domain.

So enjoy the article and when you become rich and famous remember the little people!

3 Steps for Optimizing Content for Long Tail Keywords

Written by Tom Demers on SEOBook

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton