Good News – I Was Wrong…But Not as Wrong As I Would Like

This morning I wrote a post about an annoying bug I found while trying to check-out some new gTLD websites on my iPhone. I had some solid comments including a few readers who noted they experienced the same problem on their Android phone. One of my readers with an iPhone noted that it looks like this problem had been fixed in a recent iOS update.

So I looked in the good old setting menu and noticed I had an update. After running the update, viola, the new gTLDs were suddenly being treated just like .COM, phew.

However as the title of this post says, I wish I was completely wrong, it does sound like this problem still exists on Android so I’m hoping that more of my readers with Android phones can comment and let me know if they experience the same problem.

As you all know I’m a pretty big fan of the new gTLDs so anything holding them back is disappointing to me and as many of you know I’m never one to be afraid to take a stand. I do believe that widespread adoption of many new gTLDs will take place, yes, it will take time but with the big boys like Apple clearly making a change for the better that process will happen even quicker.

Now it sounds like Google just needs to follow in Apple’s footsteps…

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton