Full Time Startup Life

Domaining has been and will always be my favorite investment strategy on the planet. I started with a dream of making a few hundred dollars a month during nights and weekends and turned it into a real business. Now Domaining pays for everything, our rent, car, groceries, nightlife, vacations, savings, etc. It has been a dream come true, however as many of you know, my dream has never been to be a full time Domainer but instead to build a successful Domaining business that would allow me to pursue my real dream of building a successful startup.

Fashion Metric Weekend Meeting (with Mimosas)

Now that dream has come true and my full time job is being the COO of Fashion Metric working alongside my wife (our CEO) and James, our CTO. It is a new adventure for us and we are definitely learning every single day. It’s a completely new life for both of us as our normal morning just a month ago involved Daina going to UCLA in the morning and me spending my day working for Sonos.

Our typical Monday is no completely different. We wake up and rather than leaving each other for the day working for other people we are spending the entire day together building a startup. My post this morning is incredibly relevant to our company now as we have been networking like crazy with other startup founders and successful entrepreneurs who have been where we are right now. Just about every day we come across a situation that we have no idea how to handle and talking with people who have been there before has made a huge difference.

So I’ve decided that since the focus of my life is our startup it’s time to incorporate that more into my blog. Don’t worry, I’ll still be talking about Domains every single day, this is still a huge passion of mine and like I said it is our one and only income source and a business that I am proud to have built. This is also why I built Linton Investments as a business so that one day I could step away from the day-to-day operations and still see the business continue to develop and grow.

What you can expect to find on my blog now is a good mix of Domaining, startups, and life. So let’s dive into what our day looks like today! LA Fashion Week is upon us and we will spend every day this week in downtown LA attending as many cool fashion events as we possibly can. We want to learn everything we can about the industry and events like these are where all the action happens. During the day we will also be in and out of conference calls with our advisors, lawyers, attorneys, and other founders – yes we have a lot of calls but most of the them are a lot of fun!


If you really want to be a part of the action make sure to follow me on Twitter as I post updates throughout the day on what we’re doing in our business as well as interesting things going on in the startup space. I know some people use Twitter to share what they’re eating for breakfast but I use it mostly for business and follow the CEO’s of many successful startups, Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors, and Bloggers that all share interesting stories and insights. With that it’s time to get away from the computer for the day and head to downtown LA, Fashion Week is here!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton