Sells for $61,000 on Flippa, a domain name that was developed into a thriving web business was sold this last Tuesday for $61,000 on Flippa. This is a great example of a domain name that most people wouldn’t look at twice that sells for big bucks once a real business is developed on the name. The stats for this site are hot – 150,000 unique visitors/month and $8,000 monthly profit – if you ask me, $61,000 actually seems like a great deal.


While there are plenty of scams going on within the Flippa marketplace there are also plenty of legitimate online businesses selling every day and many of them started with a good domain. This is a domain name that we’d all love to see without the dash but the sale price shows that at the end of the day a profitable web business will command a nice sale price.


Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend, now look at your portfolio and find the next name you’re going to turn-into a business. You don’t need a five-figure domain to make a five-figure sale and is just one example of the thousands of web businesses that sell every year.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton