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There is a new service in town – and it offers much more than just buying and selling domains! offers an incredibly low commission of only 7% which is a big win for Domainers with high-value domains. Along with a low commission rate also offers a parking service so you can monetize your domains while you are waiting for them to sell.

I think it is great when new services like this hit the market because it shows how much our industry is growing. Another great feature of is that they have an affiliate program so you can help promote their service and make money at the same time! Some of their affiliate banners even have domain listings on them so you could end-up advertising your own domains, on your site, and get paid as an affiliate as well!

One feature I think is really important to point-out is their daily auctions. I’ve found that domains in auction sell much faster than those listed as “Make Offer” – the time pressure and competition can really help you get the best price for your domain. offers daily auctions so you can auction your domains quickly and easily rather than having to wait for someone to place a bid like on other listing services.

If you want to get a quick appraisal to better understand the value of your domain they offer this as well for only $16.99. offers great pricing and a host of services that make it your one-stop resource for buying, selling, parking and appraising your domains. Have a look at and give it a try – you’ll be surprised how much you enjoy paying less commission and keeping more of your hard-earned money!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton