Flippa Friday: Flippa Sells $292,177 in Websites Last Week

Hello and welcome to another edition of Flippa Friday! Today I have some exciting data to share about Flippa, the first of which is in my headline – Flippa sold $292,177 in websites last week. What is interesting to note is that in total 4,482 bids were placed in the last seven days so the activity-level is very high.

This brings Flippa to over 52 million dollars in website sales. I know many Domainers have been skeptical about some of the sales on Flippa but let’s be honest, you can’t do $292,177 worth of sales in one week and have all of them be illegitimate. While a few scams may have slipped through the cracks it is absolutely essential to understand that a vast majority of these are real sales where investors are walking away with real online businesses.

As you all know I monitor Flippa listings and have seen some great aged .com domains that people have turned-into incredible sites with great traffic and revenue. When you’re buying a website it is absolutely essential to do your homework, if you see a PR 0 that is claiming to get 100,000 visitors/month and making $50,000/month you have good reason to be skeptical. However, a PR 5 site getting 10,000 visitors/month and making $2,000 is really not outrageous at all. Since I’m a passive income nut I do really like the fact that I can buy something that is already making money and will continue to do so – still as with any investment you have to do your homework!

In case you missed some of the highlights from last month – here are the top five Flippa sales:

  1. Confidential Listing – 1.16 million
  2. WebsiteBuilder.com – $100,000 (stellar domain name IMO)
  3. Snipplr.com – $50,000
  4. SportsJournalists.com – $46,000
  5. SurfboardRacks.com – $45,000

That’s it from me for today, don’t forget to tune-in to MorganLinton.tv this Sunday at 4:00PM PST for the brand-new 2011 edition of my popular live television show about Domaining!

Oh and how could I end this post without saying – Go Lakers!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton