Flippa Friday: CreditCardPaymentOnline.net Sells for $47,500 on Flippa

Flippa has had another monster week of sales led by some nice revenue-generating businesses like CreditCardPaymentsOnline.net. The site was started in January of 2010 as a WordPress blog about credit card debt which as grown to bring-in over $2,000/month thanks to a steady stream of traffic from Google.


A combination of solid content, good SEO, and consistency allowed this site to get to where it is today and generate a $47,500 price tag. The auction had 36 bids coming from 17 different bidders. While it’s not the most beautiful site on the planet the owner was able to get it ranked for some great terms which brought in some very valuable traffic. This is yet another great example of how monetizing your names, even with something as simple as WordPress can pay off big time if you stick with it.

Now let me be clear here because it seems when I write posts like this there is always some confusion. I am NOT saying you should go out and put WordPress sites on all of your domains. What I am saying is that if you treat one or two of your domain names as a brand, take the time to add fresh content, build-up a good backlink profile and keep on pushing, you can achieve results like this. As you all know I’m a big fan of passive income and liquidity. I’m pretty sure that you couldn’t sell CreditCardPaymentOnline.net for more than $xxx as the domain itself, however once it’s making over $2K/month and getting solid organic traffic, it’s a whole different story, both passive income and the knowledge that at any time you can sell the name as a business.

Yes, there are scams on Flippa, as a Buyer you need to be vigilant and do your homework, however if you do there are great deals out there and real businesses selling every single day.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton