Five Reasons You Can’t Miss DOMAINFest Santa Monica 2011

DOMAINfest Santa Monica 2011 is less than three weeks away and I am more excited than ever about the show this year! Today while I was tinkering with my Go Daddy account I spotted an ad on the sidebar that caught my eye:


This was very cool to see because it means that Go Daddy is doing their part to reach beyond just Domainers and into the end-user market. Let’s face it, Go Daddy has a zillion customers and many of them are end-users, people using domains to build their businesses. This ad is giving DOMAINfest some incredible exposure and hopefully will entice even more end-users to attend DOMAINfest. I’ve talked about this before but the more we can reach-out to end-users the bigger our market will be!

Okay, so now onto the five reasons you can’t miss DOMAINfest Santa Monica 2011:

  1. Incredible Access to Education – DOMAINfest has some of the best sessions I’ve ever attended taught by some of the leading experts in the industry. Heck the first day even begins with a session on Domain Monetization! Last year I was blown-away by the quality of these sessions and the things I learned helped my business tremendously in 2011.
  2. Entrepreneurs – DOMAINfest isn’t just Domainers folks, I feel that DOMAINfest really is a place that brings together Entrepreneurs that all share a passion for domains. If you want to network with some of the top Entrepreneurs in the space DOMAINfest is a great place to find them.
  3. Bob Parsons is speaking! I have been hoping to get an opportunity to see Bob speak for years. Bob is one of the most dynamic and entertaining speakers out there and given that he runs the largest registrar in the world it’s not only relevant…it will open our eyes to a new way of thinking about the business.
  4. Playboy Mansion Party. Need I say more? Last year’s Playboy Mansion party was the best party I have every been to in my life…I can’t believe I get to do it again!!
  5. Domainers – Let’s not forget that at the end of the day these conferences are an incredible place to network with other Domainers and as the biggest conference in the industry you’ll get the chance to network with tons of Domainers. It’s amazing what you can learn from others and it’s those little five minute chats that lead to big things you may have never expected.

So if you haven’t yet purchased your ticket just look at the five reasons below and ask yourself, “How could I possibly miss this?” The answer is – You Can’t!

Hope to see you there, or here since it’s happening about five minutes from my condo 🙂

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton