Filming On-Location Today!

Today is going to be one of my first on-location shoots for – I don’t want to give-away the location yet but I’ll tell you it is in Los Angeles and you have definitely heard of it. I’ve been reading a lot about film production, camera angles, lighting, etc. since I want the first show to be as good as it can be. Today’s video will be one of my first on-location shots so you’ll get to see me out of my loft and at a pretty famous place in LA!

I want the show to be a lot more than a talk show about Domaining – I want it to be an interesting television show – period! To get people excited about the industry I think it’s important to make the industry more exciting. I was reminded last weekend how little people know about Domaining when I was having dinner with an old friend. This friend is very tech savvy and currently the CEO of a lighting company. We were eating dinner and I was telling him about my blog and brokerage service. He looked at me and said – “wow – this is very cool – so you are like the first domain name investor!”

I laughed when he said this but also thought – wow – really nobody knows what it is that we do. I explained to him that I was far from the first domain investors and that I was really just getting started in an industry that has been around for over ten years. He paused and said…”well it’s not really an industry if nobody’s heard of it!” Remember, these are his words not mine!

It’s about time that the average person, or even the average tech-savvy person learns about domain name investing. Not only is it time – it is essential for the growth of our industry. Today is an exciting day for me as it is the first big step towards making this television show a reality. Soon I’ll be packing my gear into the car and driving along Sunset Blvd to my first on-location shoot. Get ready folks – it’s time for the whole world to learn about Domaining!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton