Fashion Metric Collaborating With GILT To Bring Custom Shirts To You Without The Hassle Of Getting Measured

As you know most of the posts on my blog are about domain names or startups, very rarely do I cover the fashion space. That being said, we have a pretty exciting collaboration going on right now at Fashion Metric that I wanted to share with all of you. Until tomorrow you can get a really phenomenal deal on custom shirts made by Second Button (NYC-based custom shirt maker) fitted by Fashion Metric.

Fashion Metric and GILT

If you’ve never had a custom shirt made I can tell you there’s no going back. A great fitting shirt feels amazing and Second Button has a great innovation – the second button of the shirt is a bit higher to prevent the “Hasselhoff” effect where you chest is completely exposed.

Want to learn more? Visit the GILT Offer Page Here and now back to your regularly scheduled domain and startup news!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton