Fashion Friday: Fashion Metric Founders Interviewed On WearToClick

Fashion Friday

Good morning, happy Friday, and welcome to another Fashion Friday here on! It has been an incredibly busy and exciting time at Fashion Metric and this week an interview with me and Daina was published on WearToClick as a part of their Insider Clicks series.

Insider Clicks - Fashion Metric

The founders of WearToClick, Rebecca and Alison asked some great questions and if you’ve ever wanted to delve a bit deeper into the Fashion Metric story this is a great read. For those who don’t know much of the Fashion Metric story, I left my day job of nine years in September of last year and Daina dropped out of her PhD so that we could both focus on Fashion Metric full time starting in October of 2012.

Since then we’ve been working 12+ hour days and loving every minute of it. While we’re working harder than we ever have we are also learning how to strike a nice balance. For example, we have so much going on that we need to have a morning meeting every single day. We used to do this meeting in our office with a whiteboard, now we take our coffee mugs and spend the first hour of our mornings walking on the beach.

This is the best part about running your own company, you decide how you want to work. Neither of us ever liked the idea of working in a cubicle or sitting in an office that looks onto a busy street. We love the ocean, the marina, and falling asleep to the sound of barking seals. You’ll find that once you are able to optimize your working environment, the work doesn’t feel like work, couple this with the fact that we love what we’re doing and each day is more exciting than the next.

I used to dread Monday’s, now Friday’s come to soon. So if you want to learn more about Fashion Metric make sure to read the Insider Clicks feature on WearToClick. Huge thanks to Rebecca and Alison for featuring us, we’re honored and it’s been a blast working on this collaboration! Happy Friday, stay fashionable!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton