Fashion Friday – Every Guy Needs A Good Pair Of Dark Blue Jeans


I recently read an awesome style guide by Men’s Fashion blogger Effortless Gent called the Lean Wardrobe. It’s a good read and covers some great topics for anyone that has a closet bursting with clothes that they rarely wear. In the book he covered the importance and versatility of owning a good pair of dark blue jeans.

Now I used to be a jeans-only guy, now I wear all kinds of pants from my Hugo Boss Khaki’s to my bright turquoise Bonobos – I’m not afraid to branch about a bit. At the same time I own way too much denim and as I made my closet more lean, the dark blue jeans were just about the only ones that made the cut.

The great thing about dark blue jeans is that they complete so many outfits and can be worn casually to a bar and dressed-up with a sports coat and worn to a meeting. Since I’m not a big suit and tie guy I really love the versatility of dark blue jeans and for those who like to pack lightly they can help you keep everything in your carry-on.

Of course, like most guys I had one or two brands I wore and venturing beyond that was, well, a risk I wasn’t willing to take. Now that I have become more involved in the fashion world I discover new brand every week and have found some awesome companies that make denim that fits great.

Below are three of my top choices for dark blue jeans and like I said above, you need to have at least one good pair of these.





Dolce and Gabbana


Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton