Facebook and Domaining

With the introduction of Facebook user names last week it seems that more and more Domainers are embracing the Facebook community. I have had more friend requests from other Domainers in the past week than in all of 2009. While Twitter is a great way to communicate Facebook offers a bit more versatility and networking features that make it a great business tool.

Facebook user names were a big point of interest for Domainers as many of us watched the countdown and claimed our top choice name (or at least tried to!). While there are two camps here – one that feels these user names will someday be valuable, and another that thinks these are a complete waste – one thing has come-out of this, Domainers are flocking to Facebook.

There are plenty of Domainer-related Facebook groups and these are continuing to grow and flourish. As more people start Domaining businesses I think Facebook will become an important tool for connecting with other Domainers and sharing ideas. So if you’re not on Facebook yet, while you might not get the name of your dreams, you can connect with some great people and share ideas. Unlike an open forum like DNForum or Namepros Facebook can be a great way to provide targeted updates, chat, and have group discussions about Domaining all in one place.

Facebook is no longer just for connecting-up with old friends that you haven’t talked to in 15-years, it is a business network and Domaining is a business. While Twitter is an essential branding tool – Facebook is an essential networking tool that is already helping to get our industry out of its niche and into the mainstream. So break-out your camera, take a dorky picture of yourself, let everyone know what your favorite color is and what kind of music you like because Facebook only going to continue to become one of the major communication networks in the world.

While you’re at it – join one of the many Domaining groups on Facebook and you’ll find yourself meeting new Domainers all over the world and who knows – you might just learn a thing of two!

Love Facebook? Hate Facebook? Share your thoughts!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton