F5 Buys Cloud-Based DDOS Solution Defense.net


DDOS attacks have become a major issue for companies all over the world and that also mean big bucks for companies that make software to combat them. Defense.net, a startup based in Belmont, CA raised over $9M last year and today proudly announced an acquisition by F5, a giant in the network hardware/software world:

“F5’s DDoS product engineering shows a comparable focus on scale and performance to how Defense.Net has built its mitigation capability in the cloud,” said Barrett Lyon, Founder and CTO of Defense.Net. “Customers of all sizes will be able to ensure that business-critical applications and networks are protected and available under the most demanding conditions regardless of the volume, type, or source of DDoS attack. Wherever it makes the most sense to stop an attack, F5 will provide the customer with the right defense.”

For those keeping tabs, Defense.com is parked, possibly the owner was hoping that Defense.net would get all big and successful and pay big bucks for the .COM. Instead they got all big and successful without the .COM, raised over $9M and had what looks like a very nice exit.

Congrats to both Defense.net and F5 – while I wish DDOS attacks were going away, it’s clear they are not, so I’m all for software that helps mitigate and prevent these attacks!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton