ExpiredDomainListing.com Seems to Be Stealing All Our Blog Posts – Domain Bloggers Take Note

There’s a new blog in town, ExpiredDomainListing.com, and it looks like they are taking the Domaining.com feed and putting it on their site claiming to be the author. I found one of my posts on there today with no attribution along with just about every other blogger on Domaining.com.


When I clicked on their Twitter link it goes to the Go Daddy twitter page and same for the Facebook link. I sent the owner a nice email today (actually nice, I’m not being sarcastic) asking him to remove my content from his site.

I thought I would let the community know. I don’t see any harm being done and assume it’s an honest mistake because, well, I just don’t like to pick fights with people, life it too short so I’ll assume it’s some kid who’s just trying to setup a blog for him or herself.

That being said I’m pretty sure that none of us want someone else taking credit for our blog posts and creating duplicate content out there.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton