Exclusive: Video Highlights From Gary Vaynerchuk’s DOMAINfest Keynote + Why You Can’t Ignore Habit Changes

As I’ve said a few times now, Gary V is one of the people I’ve looked-up to the most in the startup space. He’s a true hustler and beyond his sales and marketing genius he’s also pretty darn good at predicting future trends. Gary made some great points about the evolution of the Internet and the impact he sees this having on domains.

The key takeaway that nobody should ignore is that traffic is going mobile, consumers understand, love, and use apps every single day, and this means a habit change has already taken place. Extrapolate this habit change out another 3-5 years and we’re living in a different world, ten years and we’re on a different planet.

Someone asked Gary about the domain name Cabinets.com, and the value it would have ten years from now. Gary made a great point, look at the 16 year old who in ten years will be picking-out cabinets. Your average 16 year-old spends a LOT more time using apps then surfing the web, yes, that happened. So in ten years when she’s looking for cabinets she’ll go to an app she already knows and loves, the idea of going to Cabinets.com will seem as old school as going to the library and looking things up in a card catalog.

Sounds harsh? Hopefully this is a wake-up call for everyone because while we all love domains, we can’t stop the evolution of the Internet. Of course I don’t think domains are dying and neither does Gary, but if you look at how teenagers currently use the Internet you’ll find that the web is becoming a smaller part of their experience. If you missed the keynote I was able to get some nice exclusive videos of some highlights I thought you’d all like to see, enjoy!

Gary Vaynerchuk talks about his first time using the Internet.–

Gary Vaynerchuk talks about Blockbuster and Netflix

Gary Vaynerchuk discussing monetization

Gary Vaynerchuk talks about the death of the physical Billboard

Andrew Rosner and Gary Vaynerchuk talk domains

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton