Etsy Acquires

Today popular online craft site Etsy announced that it would be acquiring and its four-person team in what is rumored to be a high-priced deal. You probably haven’t heard of but it is one of the many photo apps that has been popular for the iPhone. While built on the company goes by Mixel and makes it easy to create photo collages directly from your phone.


It looks like the purpose of this acquisition was all about the team as all four will be coming over to Etsy and help them with their mobile future. Smart move on Etsy’s part as four talented people that are comfortable working together and have a proven track-record is a major win for a growing company. It’s also interesting to see a company build a brand from start-to-finish on a .CC domain. While they may have lost some traffic to the .COM it is very clear when you visit that this is not the company you are looking for. Also, as a mobile app developer Mixel’s focus is traffic from the app store.

Don’t get me wrong, I think you win big when you build a brand on a one-word .COM, but it’s always cool to see people like Mixel make a nice exit on a hand-registered .CC! Congratulations to Mixel and team and huge congrats to Etsy on a team that will definitely lead to even more innovation!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton