Entices.com For Sale

Last time I put a domain up for sale it sold almost instantly. One of the interested buyers who didn’t win the name told me he loved the idea and the fact that my pricing really did feel like a true wholesale price. He also told me he was bummed because he didn’t get the name, so I’ve got another domain for sale, and once again I’m listing it at a true wholesale price.


Originally registered nine years ago, Entices.com is a great name to add to your portfolio or develop. One word .COMs can fetch anywhere from a few thousand dollars to millions. This is not a million dollar domain, nor do I see it as a five-figure name but with the right buyer it could very well be. I do see it as a solid mid five-figure sale and a good pick for anyone that wants to add more one-word .COMs to their portfolio.

Estibot pegs it at $1,500 and I’m taking 50% off of that price and setting the BIN at $750.

As with all of my sales posts, the domain will go to the first person to email me with the subject line “Sold”. The deal will be done through Escrow.com and I will happily split fees with the buyer.

Why I am selling at such a low price? I sell over 90% of my domains to end-users, when I make names available to investors I sell them at true wholesale prices. On top of that, as a blog reader I want to give you an edge and if I can help you make your next flip, I’d love to!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton