Don’t Miss TONIGHT at 6:00PM PST

I’ve moved this week from Friday to Thursday but don’t worry, you are all still welcome to BYOW (bring your own wine) because Thursday is the new Friday right? The real reason I’ve moved the date this week is because I’m doing something special for Daina’s Birthday on Friday. If you missed my last show then you really missed it since I didn’t seem to get LiveStream to record properly. The good news is – no crashes! Livestream worked perfectly so you can expect the same this week as well!

So what’s the plan for this week’s show?

6:00 – 6:10 – Domain News Recap

6:10 – 6:15 – Domaining Blog Post of the Week

6:15 – 6:25 – How to Install WordPress the EASY way

6:25 – 6:40 – Domaining Lightning Round

6:40 – 6:55 – Let’s hear from You! Audience members pick the topics and join the discussion

6:55 – 7:00 – Jerry Springer-style final thoughts


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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton