Domainvestors Television Picked-Up by ABC! Domaining Show To Hit Primetime in June!

Two weeks ago ABC sent me an email with an interest in learning more about Domainvestors Television – they had heard it was going to be the premier television show about Domaining and wanted to know more. Seeing potential in the market they invited me to their offices for a meeting. Well, needless to say the meeting went well and ABC has decided to take-on the show and start it out in a highly coveted Primetime slot!

To quote the execs during the meeting, “We see the value in this and think the American television viewer will definitely want to learn about Domaining more than watching a show like Two and a Half Men.” The initial contract is for six episodes with the first three to air during the Primetime slot and the following three to run conditionally based on the results from the first three episodes.

ABC has pulled a few string and also worked-out an A-List celebrity that will be working with me on the show and helping to bring some “Star-Power” to the line-up as they called it! Of course there will be plenty more surprises along the way as ABC has some incredible connections they are using to help take the show to the next-level.

So watch-out because next time you turn on the TV to watch your favorite show…you might just find Domainvestors Television in its place! I would like to give a BIG thanks to ABC for believing in my show and look forward to teaching the whole world about Domaining!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton