Domainvestors Television Episode #1: You Pick The Guest!

I am deep in the development process now of my very first full episode of the Television show. If you haven’t read my previous post about this – you can read about Domainvestors Television here. I hope that Domainvestors Television will help gain greater exposure to our industry and the strong investment potential domain names have. Let’s face it – almost nobody in the world knows what Domaining is – and I plan to change that!

In my brainstorming process I’ve come to a new conclusion – one that I’m hoping could change the way we all watch television. I want the guest choice on Domainvestors Television to be driven by my blog readers! Think if this were applied to regular television – what if you could pick guests for Larry King or Oprah. Nobody knows what you want to watch better than you and that’s why I want YOU to pick my first guest!

The first guest on Domainvestors Television need not be in California – I will fly them out to Los Angeles on my dime to record the first episode. So let me know who you want to see on the show and why! Feel free to also submit specific questions you’d like me to ask them. It’s time for the whole world to know about our industry and I can’t do it without you!

Please send your guest selections for the first episode to or feel free to add it as a comment to this post. Thanks for all your support and get ready for Domainvestors Television!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton